PTFE Acrylic Film Tape

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PTFE Acrylic Film Tape adopts high temperature acrylic adhesive coating on the one side of the skived PTFE film. The PTFE film has extremely elasticity so that it can be used in some particular applications. The tape is used primarily for down-hole cable splicing which requires good adhesive strength at elevated temperatures. It is also used in electrical application requiring good electrical insulation where silicone adhesives are not permitted.

PTFE Acrylic Film Tape(图1)

Technical Data:
Backing Material Skived PTFE Film Tensile Strength 5.4kg/cm
Backing Thickness 0.005in.
Adhesive Thickness 0.0015in.
Dielectric Strength 14KV
Adhesive Material Acrylic Max. Operating Temp.


(204.44 °C)

Color   Length 10-36yards