Transparent PTFE Film Adhesive Tape

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Transparent PTFE film adhesive tape is a special high-temperature resistant film tape made of high-quality pure Teflon turning film that has undergone special transparent treatment as the base material, and one side is chemically treated and then coated with adhesive.
Transparent PTFE film adhesive tape has excellent insulation properties, and the surface is extremely smooth, the friction coefficient is extremely low, the anti-sticking property and the demolding effect are excellent, and it can maintain stable viscosity when working in the environment of -70℃ to 260℃, and the working temperature can be short-term Up to 280°C.

Transparent PTFE Film Adhesive Tape(图1)
Transparency is generally not measured by a specific standard. Because it is a new type of film tape independently developed by our company, our company divides transparency into three types: opaque, translucent and transparent. In general, the thinner the thickness, the easier it is to make it transparent in terms of technology. The thickness of our opaque film tape is generally 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm; the thickness of translucent film tape is 0.13mm, and the thickness of transparent film is 0.06mm and 0.08mm.
At present, transparent PTFE film tapes on the market are mainly opaque. Because the characteristic of transparency is only used in specific industrial fields, we have developed this high-transparency film tape to meet industry needs.