PTFE Fiberglass Fabric Used in the Door and Window Welding

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Due to its high temperature resistance and good anti-adhesive properties, PTFE Fiberglass Fabric has been widely used in plastic door and window assembly welding equipment. Its main function is to cover and isolate the heating plate.

As a consumable part on a plastic steel door and window welding machine, PTFE Fiberglass Fabric itself has high temperature resistance, which can maintain its ductility in high temperature welding environment, and it will not shrink and deform aeasily; the surface is smooth and the friction coefficient is very low. The characteristics are such that the residue in the welding process rarely remains on the surface of the soldering cloth. Therefore, people usually call it self-adhesive welding fabric, welding protection fabric and plastic steel welding fabric.

PTFE Fiberglass Fabric Used in the Door and Window Welding(图1)    PTFE Fiberglass Fabric Used in the Door and Window Welding(图2)

However, for those who are pursuing low prices, the high-temperature fabrics they purchase will encounter many problems. For example, if the surface finish is not high or the unevenness will result in the removal of residual debris on the surface before each welding, the work efficiency will be reduced.

The high-quality self-adhesive welding fabric has uniform heat conduction, high strength, good temperature resistance, good anti-sticking effect and small thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, it is the most important thing to learn to identify the quality of the welding cloth in the mixed market.