PTFE Fiberglass Fabric for Textile Bonding

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PTFE fiberglass fabric can be used for shirts, suit linings, adhesive bonding and thermal fusing machine belts. Since the 1960s, the garment manufacturing industry has taken measures to make garments better by using pre-impregnated liners into the better version. The two fusing machine belts run synchronously on the top and bottom of the bonder. Take the HUAYU fusing belt as an example. It contains carbon black additives to reduce static build-up to ensure that the garment is not wrinkled.

PTFE Fiberglass Fabric for Textile Bonding(图1)

The applications of PTFE fiberglass fabric  are shown as the bellows:
●Belts for thermal bonding of non-woven fibers.
●Belts for cloth finishing,calendaring and folding.
●Release fabric and tape for protective covering of dry can cylinders and drums.
●Process belts for thermal bonding of fusible interlinings, shirt collars, suit linings, transfers.