PTFE Double Layer Fusing Belt

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PTFE Double Layer Fusing Belt is made of two layers of PTFE fiberglass fabric compounded by the overall displacement. It has the advantages such as average overall thickness, good prevention of off-tracking and smooth surface. It is specially suitable to process ultrathin fusible interlining.

PTFE Double Layer Fusing Belt(图1)    PTFE Double Layer Fusing Belt(图2)

In the aspect of lifespan, it is much longer than PTFE Seam Fusing Belt, while in the aspect of crafts, there is no limit to the thickness and size. In other words, it can be customized specially.
As there is no need to make use of particular machine, the delivering time is much faster than the one of PTFE seamless fusing belt.  As such, PTFE Double Layer Fusing Belt is becoming a trend to take place of PTFE seamless fusing belt.