Anti-static PTFE Mesh Belt

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The black anti-static PTFE mesh belt is a special kind of mesh conveyor belt. It absorbs ultraviolet light by adding black color paste, and adds anti-static substance to prevent static electricity from adsorbing on the surface of the product. The colors are mainly natural brown, black, thickness from 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm, and the maximum width is 4 m.
Anti-static PTFE Mesh Belt(图1)
Anti-static PTFE Mesh Belt(图2)
Anti-static PTFE Mesh Belt(图3)  Anti-static PTFE Mesh Belt(图4)
Specifications :
Item No Mesh Size  Material Thickness Weight Temp Resistance Max
Tensile Strength
HY-M001 1x1mm Fiberglass 0.5mm 370g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 310/290N/cm
HY-M002 2x2mm Fiberglass 0.7mm 450g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 350/310N/cm
HY-M003 4x4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 400g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 390/320N/cm
HY-M004 4x4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 450g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 390/320N/cm
HY-M007 4x4mm Kevlar +Fiberglass 1.2mm 600g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 895/370N/cm
HY-M008 4x4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 500g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 395/370N/cm
HY-M010 4x4mm Kevlar 1.0mm 500g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 900/600N/cm
HY-M012 4x4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 550g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 395/370N/cm
HY-M013 10x10mm Fiberglass 1.2mm 450g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 360/300N/cm
HY-M014 0.5x1mm Fiberglass 0.5mm 420g/m² -140 to 360℃ 4000mm 310/290N/cm
HY-M015 2x2.5mm Fiberglass 0.9mm 600g/m² -140 to 360℃ 3000mm 390/320N/cm

Thickness: 0.5-1.35mm
Width: less than or equal to 4000mm.
 Mesh size: 1X1 mm,2X2mm,2*2.5mm, 4X4 mm,10X10mm and etc.
 Color: brown, black
 Material of the reinforced edge: PTFE film, PTFE fiberlgass fabric of 0.13mm, Kevlar fabric
 Joints:Bull-nose style, wall style and steel buckle style