PTFE Double-sided Tape

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We have developed PTFE Double-sided Tape which is a high performance and multiuse new composite material through years of hark work. It is made of high performance fiberglass firstly coated by the good-qualified PTFE resin, then put the adhesive on the one side by special process and lastly covered by the released paper or the released film on both sides. It is widely used in many industrial fields such as the packing exterior of the antistatic products for circuit board, notebook computer and mobile communications.

PTFE Double-sided Tape(图1)

PTFE Double-sided Tape(图2)
PTFE Double-sided Tape is able to keep the adhesive steady when working from -70 to 260 centigrade degrees. It won’t come unglued and even withstand the temperature of up to 280 centigrade degrees.
Main application:
1.Used in many kinds of production technology for electronic parts of the digital products. 2.Used as the system with a name plate.
3.Used in bonding between Panels and components.
4.Used to protect and convey temporary fastening parts, sheltering parts, film parts and etc in the heating process.
5. Used as high temperature insulation protection and reinforcement for circuit board, electronic instrument and etc.
The whole thickness: 0.20mm,0.25mm
Width:3-1250mm, or be cut into small rolls with high precision.
Length: 10-50m
Color: White, brown, black.