Four Fluorine Fiberglass Fabric

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Four Fluorine Fiberglass Fabric, also called single- or double-sided PTFE fiberglass fabric, not only has all characteristics of PTFE fabric, but also possesses specific softness and good finish. Since it is high temperature resistant and of good non-adhesive, it Is widely used as the energy-saving insulation cover such as valve jacket, heatproof lagging, insulation cover for injection molding machine, vulcanizing machine and oil tube. It can also be used as insulation clothes who provide heat protection for the heater of injecting molding machine and the extruding machine.

Four Fluorine Fiberglass Fabric(图1)

As the excellent features of heat resistance, flexibility, durability and waterproof and fire prevention, it is specially designed as a jacketing material for removable insulation pads and blankets. spray shields, expansion joints and welding blankets/curtains.

Generally speaking, Four Fluorine Fiberglass Fabric can be sorted into two kinds: the single-sided one and the double-sided one. And it is commonly 0.45mm in thickness.