Polyimide FEP film Tape

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Polyimide FEP film  Tape we produce is characteristic of good heat resistance, thin and uniform insulating layer thickness, and good sealing performance. It is made of excellent polyimide film coated on the single-side or both sides with F46 (polyperfluoroethylene propylene emulsion) at high temperature and cut by drying. The film is suitable for electrical wire wrapping H-class insulation. The material is self-adhesive when the temperature reaches about 280 ° C, and it is melted and formed after half a minute.

The moisture-proof performance, electrical performance and cut-through resistance of the wire are improved. The insulating layer is intact when bent, and there is no cracking phenomenon. Suitable for H-class, F-class motor windings. Turn-to-turn insulation thickness.

Polyimide FEP film  Tape(图1)

It is about 1/3 thinner than the double-wire enameled wire, has good thermal conductivity, reduces the size of the motor, and improves the reliability of the motor. As a result, it has been widely used in spacecraft, high-voltage motors, locomotive traction motors, deep well submersible pump motors and metallurgical motors.