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FEP tape is a pressure sensitive tape made of FEP film with a bondable upper surface that is coated a high temperature silicone adhesive. The FEP film is optically clear and offers excellent electrical properties and  chemical resistance.
FEP tape is used primarily in electrical applications as a high temperature cable splicing tape product. The bondable surface provides adhesion to itself when wrapped on a cable construction.

FEP TAPE(图1)      FEP TAPE(图2)

FEP TAPE(图3)     FEP TAPE(图4)

 Technical Data:

Backing Material FEP Film Tensile Strength 1.07kg/cm
Backing Thickness 0.002in.
Adhesive Thickness 0.0015in.
Dielectric Strength 9.0KV
Adhesive Material Silicone Max. Operating Temp.



Color Transparent Length 10-36yards