The main application scope of silicone fiberglass fabric

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Silicone fiberglass fabric, also known as silicon rubber cloth (silicon-titanium alloy cloth), is a new material composed of glass fiber cloth and silicon rubber. It has good high temperature resistance, the normal operating temperature is 250 degrees Celsius, and it can work in a 300 degree Celsius environment for a short time. Due to the many characteristics of silicone cloth, its application range is relatively wide.
Silicone fiberglass fabric can prevent the flame from spreading along the cable and avoid the loss of life and property to the greatest extent. It is especially suitable for the important parts of the frequent replacement of the cable.
Silicone fiberglass fabric has the characteristics of good ventilation, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, light weight, easy to use, etc.. It expands rapidly in case of fire to form a fire barrier with a certain thickness and strength. It is absorbed during the expansion of carbonization. The heat and release of incombustible gas can achieve the purpose of fire resistance, heat insulation and smoke insulation. It is an ideal product for fire protection and flame retardancy of power cable facilities.
Silicone fiberglass fabric is suitable for plugging the voids formed when power cables, oil pipes, air ducts, air pipes, metal pipes and other penetrating objects pass through partition walls or partitions in electricity, telecommunications, postal services, chemicals, industrial and mining, enterprises, and buildings.
Silicone fiberglass fabric is suitable for non-metallic compensator, non-metallic soft connection, soft connection of air duct, soft connection of fan inlet, fireproof and smoke-proof vertical wall of building, heat insulation sleeve for pipeline, subway damping gasket, damping gasket, air duct gasket Materials, pipe insulation and bandaging, production of fire blankets, fire and flame retardant welding in industrial and mining enterprises, etc.