Production Precautions for PTFE Fiberglass Fabric

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As we all know, any fabric will inevitably produce waste and dust during production. Once they enter the human body, they will cause harm to the human body. PTFE Fiberglass Fabric is used as a fabric for the production of glass fiber cloth. Solids can also pose a threat to human health. In order to avoid this phenomenon, Taixing Huayu formulated the following precautions when producing PTFE Fiberglass Fabric:
1. During production, workers must wear overalls and masks, and also wear protective gloves to ensure that the human respiratory system and skin are not harmed.
2. The workshop should maintain ventilation and ventilation to reduce the concentration of fiber dust.
3. Reduce the air humidity in the crushing workshop to the lowest concentration and reduce the movement of dust particles.
4. The working time of the staff in the crushing workshop shall not exceed eight hours, and it is not allowed to work continuously. It is necessary to change a batch of workers every 15 days to avoid the accumulation of dust in the human body.
5. The crushing workshop should be away from the area where the population is concentrated, or set in an area where the workers in the factory area do not move frequently.
Safety production is the lifeline of an enterprise. In order to achieve sustainable improvement of corporate efficiency, we must start from every detail and take people as the basis.