Use of Packaging the Regular Objects

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The finished products—PTFE and silicone fiberglass fabric are formed by silicone rubber and PTFE resin composited with fiberglass cloth. They are both widely used in packing the regular objects. For example, PTFE fiberglass fabric can be make into the toaster bag while the silicone fabric can be make into the silicone baking mat.

Use of Packaging the Regular Objects(图1)        Use of Packaging the Regular Objects(图2)
                                  PTFE Toaster Bag                                                                                                    Silicone Baking Mat

The unique heat resistance, anti-adhesion and non-toxicity make it withstand the temperature in the oven without leaving the emulsion on the product. Therefore, it is widely used in the food industry for the packaging of regular objects such as food, daily necessities, industrial parts, cartons, etc. When the product is placed in a sealed bag, it will enter the oven and shrink at high temperatures.