PTFE Film Adhesive Tape Used in Oil Well Development

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PTFE film adhesive tape is widely used in the pipeline coating process in the oil well industry. It is smooth on one side and adhesive on the other side. However, in the process of wrapping and winding, because the adhesive side is not closely attached to the smooth back, a small amount of oil will penetrate into each layer of tape in the oil well. In the gap, the silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive loses its original viscosity.
PTFE film adhesive tape can withstand a minimum of -70 degrees and a maximum of 280 degrees. In an environment of extreme temperature changes, it can maintain good mechanical properties and other properties.
PTFE Film Adhesive Tape Used in Oil Well Development(图1)

Although some adhesives can be combined with pure PTFE film after chemical treatment, they are not as thermally stable as silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, and they are not easily peeled off like silica gels. The service life of the belt is prolonged, and the efficiency of the environmental operation of the oil well is improved.
High cost performance is our comparative advantage of this product. With the same performance of PTFE film tape, we can reduce your cost by at least 50%.
Through years of hard work and program adjustments, our company has made the PTFE film adhesive tape universally applicable in the oil well environment. You can consult our company for specific programs.